The body goes through many transitions following delivery, including hormonal changes, dealing with a lack of sleep and increased strain from positions such as the cradle hold. Aquatic therapy helps:

- Restore Alignment
- Promote Relaxation/Decrease Tension
- Restore Muscle Tone/Control of Pelvic Region

Aquatic therapy can help alleviate a number of other ailments. Call us today and we can determine if aquatic therapy is an appropriate fit for you.


Aquatic therapy is ideal for pregnant women, as it helps accomplish the following:

- Promotion of Cardiovascular Health
- Improved Mood, Ability to Sleep
- Improved Body Alignment, Stability
- Minimization of Discomfort

- Relieves hip and Lower Back Pain

- Relieves nerve pain (Sciatica)

- Increases Joint Stability


These sessions are designed to promote bonding between mother and baby, as well as decrease tension and stress. The peaceful, warm pool mimics the in utero environment, which:

- Diminishes Excess Stimuli for the Child
- Decreases Distress from Colic or Gas
- Promotes Relaxation
- Helps with Feeding (Breast/Bottle)

- Promotes infant weight gain

Bringing a child into the world is an exciting time, though it can be taxing both physically and emotionally – before, during and after labor. Through the use of aquatic therapy, Lullaby Waters helps moms-to-be and new moms overcome a wide range of symptoms associated with pregnancy, delivery and bonding between mother and baby.