My name is Nicole Nickell, and I have more than 15 years of experience working in the therapeutic field. After working across numerous settings – inpatient pediatrics, early intervention home therapy, outpatient clinics and a rehabilitation facility – I feel there is no greater tranquility than what is provided through aquatic therapy. The physical properties of water can help provide a peaceful environment while easing discomfort, decreasing stimuli, providing clarity and promoting development. Lullaby Waters provides this environment in addition to land-based therapies to help you and your child better function in daily life.


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Lullaby Waters is an outpatient occupational therapy clinic that focuses on aquatic integration, sensory processing and manual therapy. The facility serves all ages - birth-to-teen, prenatal and postnatal treatment and recovery populations - and also holds mother-baby sessions. In addition to the customized therapy pool, the facility also includes a sensory motor gym.

Aquatic therapy utilizes the resistance of water to promote desired effects of movement, sensation and relaxation. It can provide a pleasurable environment that is clinically safe and promotes the reduction of pain while benefiting a wide range of diagnoses.

Lullaby Waters promotes well being, whether through healing or development, through a state of serenity and tranquility. Utilizing personalized intervention strategies, Lullaby Waters focuses on alignment, strengthening and a state of calm for increased cognitive processing in order to improve the ability to perform daily activities and achieve personal and family goals.